UHD1)       University of Houston Downtown: One Main Street

UHD provides students with top quality academic programs that are both flexible and affordable. A diverse institution that focuses on providing real opportunities that change lives for the better.

The UHD is our newest neighborhood pARTicipant in the Artcrawl! The new bike trails lead to the UHD as well as the Metro light rail. If you driving by car to the Artcrawl UHD is graciuosly contributing by opening several of their parking lots for artcrawl visitors. Start your artcrawl Saturday by parking free @UHD & visiting The intimate OKane art gallery which is featuring SIMULACRA, Work of Artist Eric Telfort.
Walk out of the gallery & walk over the infrastructure artwork of magnificent "granny rug" sculptures of mark mancuso. Once outside, look to your right from the belvedere balcony for a grandiose skyline view of houston. Head to the heart of the Artcrawl by walking north along street & peak over the ledge to see the confluence of White oak bayou & Buffalo Bayou. Turn right off the Main street bridge onto Wood street and head to the heart of the art of the Artcrawl.

....FREE Parking for artcrawl houston guests 10 am - 10 pm Saturday. UHD directions.

Eric Telfort, O'Kane Gallery.




2)       Vine Street Studios: 1113 Vine Street

Historical Name: “Union Transfer and Storage Building”. FotoFest, ArtCrawl & Pedal Houston have come together to offer the public a bike tour of ArtCrawl 2012. The Bike Scramble will visit several spaces and tour with local artists and curators. See web site for details. Link to Register Note: FotoFest will be open until 7pm.

FotoFest Inc.


houston foundry3)       The Docks: 1109 E. Freeway

The Docks was originally constructed as cotton warehouses in the early 20s. Built by thee Southern Pacific Railroad Company, they used bridge trusses in the construction thereby allowing for the unusually wide expanse of unobstructed floor space. During the last 20 years it has become one of Houston’s premier art venues, housing an antiquities dealer and art conservator, a multitude of artists, a photographer, and a contemporary arts and performance space.

Frank Sherwood White.


houston foundry 4)       Houston Foundry: 1712 Burnett

The Foundry’s 1930’s wood and steel frame buildings are clad in metal. A truly industrial plant with its environmental woes cleansed, now turned into a hive for artists.

Libscomb and Blumenthal Sheet Metal, For the People by the People, David Graeve, Michelle O’Michael, Helena Gijsbers van Wijk.



Hardy&Nance5)       Hardy & Nance Studios: 902 Hardy Street

Hardy Street Studios now joins Nance Street Studios in Houston's historic, downtown art/warehouse district to provide 15,000sf of good, affordable, air-conditioned working space for area artists. All under one big roof. It is already home to painters, sculptors, jewelry makers, fabric artists, photographers & videographers, and the space will accommodate most visual arts media.

Amy Achrysalis, Jenny Albritton, Lula Azorey, Marguerite A. Baldwin, Marilyn Balke-Lowry, David Bedikian, Liduine Bekman, Robert Berryman, Fikry Botros, Jay Burton, Robert Copeland, Scott Cravens, Terry Crump, Sharis DeJaynes, Debra J. Desaulniers, Noah Edmundson, Karen Eisele, Charlotte Elliff, Daniel Elliott, Joana Esteves, Tito- Fabian, Bryan Forrester, Olga Galindo, Andre' Gandin, Justin Garcia, Pamela Gosnell, Brian Greb, Ahmed Habashy, Charlie Hardwick, Kenneth Hudson, Eugene John Hughes, MP Hunt, Dezda Hyer, Iwona Jankowski, Naz Kaya-Erdal, Galina Kurlat, Diedra Lizcano, Mic McAllister, Jimmy McDonald, Sheryl McDonald, Penny McDonald, Pizo Meyer, Syd Moen, April Murphy, Diane Nickerson, Lan Norwood, Meredith O'Neal, David A. Paulissen, Debi Pople, Claire Richards, Mark Roden, Dana Samuelson, Alexandra Sivov, T. Smith, Clarence Talley Jr, Christina Lynn Todaro, Nan Toole, Anita Varadaraju, Arianne Venable, Heather Wobbe, Hardy & Nance Studios , JoMar Visions.


atelierJacquinet 6)       Atelier Jacquinet: 913 McKee

Atelier Jacquinet, is part of what once was the “Tony’s Tortillas Factory”. In the tradition of the Warehouse Art District, this once vacant building was claimed by Francis Jacquinet, Artist, Author, and Educator. It was renovated to become today’s Atelier Jacquinet, an International Fine Arts Atelier and Galleries. Some of the galleries have preserved that unique food preparation factory look. Atelier Jacquinet has been part to the ArtCrawl scene since 1999.

Note: Atelier is the French name for an art Studio or a couture Studio. Once called Studio Jacquinet in other locations throughout the world, Francis Jacquinet renamed his business Atelier being more specific to the fine art scene.

Taylor Clendennen, Bianca De Leon, Jack Farrell, Gordon Greenleaf, Brett G Hall, Jeanne Haner, Ashli S Hill, Clara K Johnson, Bartz Johnson, Tara Jordan-Greenleaf, KVN JXN, Victoria Lewelling, Leisa McCord, Gretchen Mcdaniel, Moe Profane, Sam Van Bibber, David Van Stean.



7)     Eastdown Warehouse: 850 McKee

A new music and art venue located on Nance and McKee in Downtown Houston near Minute Maid Ballpark. We support everything local in Houston. That means music, art, fashion, food trucks, and even local vendors. You name it, we support it. Be on the lookout for more upcoming shows and events very soon!

Eastdown Warehouse .

dakota8)     Sterrett Street Studios : 1401 Sterrett Street

New to ArtCrawl in 2013. Sterrett Street Studios has offered studio space to musicians, artists, and photographers for many years. There are also some brave professionals that office here and can enjoy the bands' music live through the walls. Along with Brent Hooper Gallery which is a studio and exhibition space for artist Brent Hooper who has been on the enigmatic fringe of the Houston art scene for over twenty years.


Brent Hooper.


dakota 9)     Dakota Lofts : 711 William

The James Bute Paint Co. was founded in 1869 by James Bute. In 1909 the newly constructed facility at 711 William St. became the company’s Headquarters. Houston’s longest continually running businesses, Bute Paint ceased operations in 1991. The four story structure of reinforced concrete and heavy timber framing is now the only major surviving commercial building of architect Olle J. Lorehn (1864-1939)

Greater Gallery.



eriecity 10)       Erie City Iron Works: 1305 Sterrett & 1310 Nance

Erie City Iron Works dates back to 1906 and used to be a iron foundry warehouse where metal was delivered by railroad and stored until it was sold to builders. The metal used to build Houston came through here first. The warehouse has been converted into lofts. Some artists live there, using their places as studios to showcase their work. The other tenants are up-and-coming businesses.

Bisong Art Gallery, Los Muertos Tattoos Studio.



motherDogStudios.jpg 11)       Mother Dog Studios: 720 Walnut

Mother Dog Studios is the oldest surviving artists studios warehouse space in Houston. Surrounded by universities, cathedrals, jails, warehouses, architectural sculptures and skyscrapers somewhere in the natural forest and the cultural forest Mother Dog Studios is unequivocally in the heart of the vortex of the 4th largest city in the United States. Founded in 1984 by Charlie Jean Sartwelle and John Runnels, it is a 22,000 square foot warehouse with 25 artist studios and an expansive exhibition space called the Mother Dog Museum of Modern Art…

"Caution Live Snakes" is another art buster show, curated by John Runnels ... And yes there will be live snakes ... 2 pm - 6 pm presented by Clint the Snakeman of Houston ,& Eve his assistant.

Bale Creek Allen, Martin Amorous, Salli Babbitt, Yousef Balat, Tanna Bennett, Lori Betz, N. Blanca, Joseph Blanchard, Magda Boltz, Anthony Butkovich, Shanna Castano, Deborah Clise, Lacey Crawford, Kevin Cromwell, Stephanie Darling, Peter Dickson, Alix Dunn, Lori Fish, Jo Ann Fleischhauer, Ken Frederick, Mitch Samuels grystar, Mary Margaret Hansen, Barbara Harmer, Keith J R Hollingsworth, Corinne Jones, Colin Kaeppel, Solomon Kane, Sharon Kopriva, Tali LaPushin, Natali Leduc, Stephanie Lienhard, Zoanna DaLuz Maney, Ken Mazzu, Lynet McDonald, Allison S. Miller, Ellen Orseck, Sherry Owens, Chasity Porter, Basilios Poulos, Cynthia K. Reid, Helene Robinson, Carolyn Rose, John Runnels, Scott Runnels, Charlie Jean Sartwelle, Louise Schlachter, Greg Shepherd, Liz Conces Spencer , Earl Staley, Frances Carter Stephens, Clint Stone, Chris Thompson, Mark Todd, Donna Villarreal, Wendy Wight, Troy Winscott, Mark Wurtzel, Sketchy Neighbors .

elderStreet 12)     Elder Street Artist Lofts: 1101 Elder Street

The Elder Street Artist Lofts are located at the historic Jefferson Davis Hospital. Renovation on the building was completed in 2005 and is currently home and studio to many of Houston’s fine artists, musicians, and performers. The Elder Street Artist Lofts house 34 studio/dwelling units with original terrazzo floors, high ceilings, and large windows offering artist a beautifully unique space to focus on creating new work within an arts community setting with the best rooftop view of the downtown Houston skyline.

Completed in 1924, the Jefferson Davis Hospital is a handsome red brick structure in the Classical Revival style. Houston's rapid growth soon rendered it inadequate, however, and in 1938 a new hospital replaced it. Over the years, the building housed a variety of tenants, but it had stood vacant for 20 years before Artspace and Avenue CDC provided services leading to the Elder Street Artist Lofts.

John Atlas, Jo Bird, Roberto Castillo, Eric "Soapmaker" Dieckman, Meghan Dudley, Ludmila Ivanova, Monica Kressman, Mauro Luna, Pizo Meyer, Claire Richards, Dana Samuelson, Kaneem Smith, "Brother" Jude Thetford.



western electric 13)     Western Electric Warehouse: 100 Jackson Street

Located on the corner of Jackson Street and Commerce Street, Western Electric Warehouse was the warehouse facility for Western Electric Co. The origin of the building is approximated at 1910 or 1911. Renovated in 2004, the new owner, Caspian Enterprises / Mir Azizi, has retained demolition items for use within tenant spaces. Existing fire separation doors have been salvaged and utilized for other functions such as demising partitions and art work. Hardwood floors remain intact, the existing structural wood beams and columns are exposed as in the original condition. Western Electric Warehouse is now home to architectural offices, art studios, commercial studios and residential lofts.

Alvin J.Roy .


studio2020 14)     Studio Twenty Twenty: 2020 Commerce

Marvel at the installation art, and ponder the paintings from this talented group.

Super Flake, Regan Howard, SIX6SIX, Donkey Paw, Judith Thielen, James Walker, Dandee Warhol.



pierta 15)     Puerta Gallery: 2121 Congress Suite F

Puerta Gallery was originally a warehouse that dates back to the 1920’s. Puerta Gallery is premiering in this year’s Art Crawl Houston. Artist an educator Edgar Bustillos mix media painter focuses on a wide range of works from social and economic issues to commercial works in various Houston locations. Hugo Pedraza is a Pin-up artist/photographer, specializing in glamour photography. Hugo’s work is fusion, a mixture of modern glamour & retro, ranging from adult entertainment night life of Houston, to his Cultural Mexican American roots.


Edgar Bustillos , Hugo Pedraza .  


16)     Discovery Green: 1500 McKinney

New to pARTicipate in ArtcrawlHouston 2013

Discovery Green was envisioned by several committed Houston philanthropists, who saw the space as a once in a lifetime opportunity to create an urban park in the heart of downtown. In less than four years, the site that became Discovery Green was transformed from an undeveloped, concrete eyesore into a beautiful and vibrant destination adjacent to the George R. Brown Convention Center. Discovery Green exemplifies a successful public-private partnership between the City of Houston and Discovery Green Conservancy, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, which operates the park and produces hundreds of free events each year.

Rendering by Hargreaves and Associates.

Stroll around the park to see David Graeve's "Lens - Pluralism - Bubbles"

David Graeve, Discovery Green.


17)     Aerosol Warfare Gallery: 2110 Jefferson suites 111& 113

Aerosol Warfare Gallery is hidden deep within Houston's newly acclaimed EaDO district. The gallery is defined by 20 years of history and people; it strives to assist street, urban & graffiti artists in showcasing artwork. AW has a passion for sharing personal knowledge & experiences as exhibiting artists make the transition from train boxcars to art galleries & other professional venues. In addition, with such a great team on board, Aerosol Warfare houses a street art education organization, CKC StART, that also helps to provide professional services such as art commissions, design, event management, custom art & large mural installations.



SHFLOutside.jpg 18)     Super Happy Fun Land: 3801 Polk Street

Super Happy Fun Land is Houston's venue for experimental electronic music, underground jazz, and outsider art! Featuring: Super Happy Theater with room for 290 folks, SHFL Art Gallery,Super Fun Patio, and SHFL Lending Library.A great place for fund raisers and private parties!

Brian Arthur, Olivia Dvorak.



Canal Street Studios19)     Canal Street Studios: 5210 Canal Street

Newly renovated Houston Pattern Works building circa 1945 Has been a landmark for 65 years and in continuing it's long standing tradition of creative ingenuity Canal Street Studios has emerged. The new multi-media complex offers women creative studio space for leisure and Professional use.

Multimedia Studios.


silo 20)     The Silo: 4601 Clinton Drive / 415 Schweikhardt St Farm Gate 711 N. Emile St.

The- SILO was voted the best alternative music venue by Houston Press 2013.

We have an organic farm run by the The Last Organic Outpost , Horses, Maker spaces, Cactus Garden., performance areas, ARTCAR RETIREMENT HOME,
video and movie sets, playground, recycling, woodshop and warehousing.

Come visit our 8 acre wonderland during ArtCrawl.

THE SILO was born from the ashes of the original Comet Rice Mill. A unique venue for the arts and education. Home of the "Greener Institute of Sustainable Technologies" A hybrid place that fosters creativity and allow for new frontiers of expression and learning. Current and Past programs feature: Urban Farming, Film production, Movie viewing, Music, Videos, Weddings, Receptions, Photo Shoots, Memorials, Parties, Classes and Workshops all on our 8 acres. Come for a visit and sit a spell. * See the Groups Page for a Menu of Events.

The Silo, Paulette Pearlman. 



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